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Business Planning Case Study

Visualize your data to improve your business results

"The way Agworld presents the information sparks inquisitiveness, rekindles memory and naturally creates discussion among my crew. The way I see it, for an operation of our size it’s easy to become an oil tanker and lose the ability to make sharp turns in crop-management decisions: Agworld makes sure that we’re a sports car instead; it keeps us nimble!"
Hunter Current
Alturas Ranches, Alturas, CA
Agworld customer, Alturas Ranches, men standing on a pier
Agworld customer Chad Gargas, RCR Partnership, Genoa, OH
Connected Advisors Case Study

Collaborate with your trusted advisors

"With Agworld, we can all see what everyone is doing. We have our recommendations lined up from our agronomist and have turned these into work orders. Because we use Agworld, everyone knows what is getting planted where and at what rate, which makes us more efficient and eliminates problems."
Chad Gargas
RCR Partnership, Genoa, OH
Job Management Case Study

Make sure your team gets the job done right, every time

"Having data recorded electronically helps us keep track of and execute our plan. This past winter we went through and we laid out our entire 2018 plan for the farm in Agworld, all the way through to harvest. When we got into the heat of battle in spring, we already had this game plan and we were using Agworld to go through and check ourselves. Agworld helped us make sure that we weren’t ever getting behind on where we needed to be on execution."
Luke Adams
Timm Adams Farms, Rupert, ID
Agworld customer, Timm Adams Farms, Rupert ID. Luke Adams in the tractor
Agworld Farm Software customer Roberts Legacy
Financial Planning & Budgeting Case Study

In the modern business of farming, knowing your numbers is critical

"Because we are keeping track of everything we do on the Agworld platform, we are able to make improvements to our farm management practices. Not only does this give me peace of mind during the season, it also makes us more profitable and sustainable, which is why I love using Agworld."
Ben Roberts
Roberts Legacy, Beaver, UT
Field Scouting Case Study

Access critical field information at all times

"We test our fields every year and store the results in Agworld so that we have an accurate overview of the nutrient profile of each field. Especially when we’re in the field and wonder: “what was that soil test from two years ago?”, Agworld allows you to bring up this information while you’re in the field without having to dig through emails from two years ago. Agworld allows us to trial nutritional inputs and then compare the data after harvest, so that we can make better decisions in future seasons."
Morgan Curtis
Agronomist, Valley Agronomics, Donald, OR
Agworld hemp crops


No Internet? No Problems!

Agworld's mobile apps are easy to use and keep working in the field, even when you don't have an internet signal. It's no wonder they've become the most rated farm management apps in the world!

“I hate computers, but Agworld has been great. It’s a lot easier than pen and paper and it’s safe, all information is always up in the cloud. When I think back to the days that I used pen and paper for my record keeping and budgeting, now I can assess my enterprise by crop, field and individual farms.”
Rolf Malmo
Tronder Pastoral Co, Yerong, NSW

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