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Agworld Farm Management Software customer VanDyke Farms
Spray Records Case Study

Keeping accurate spray records is important for every farming business

"Agworld helps eliminate unnecessary risks in the input application process. Whether it is the risk of getting fined by the DOA for something we didn’t do, the risk of misapplying chemical in one of our fields or the risk of misinterpreting an agronomist’s recommendation: Agworld helps us mitigate these risks. We are extremely strict now on recording every single detail from our input applications in Agworld, from the exact weather conditions to nozzle type, boom-height and all the other information that is available."
Ben VanDyke
VanDyke Farms, Yamhill, OR.
Agworld Farm Management Software Client, Woolf Farming, Huron, CA
Cashflow insights Case Study

Cash is king. Gain insights into your season’s expenses per field

"During the season I often go into Agworld and look at the ‘insights’ on the maps page. This page allows me to see, per individual block, the amount that we’ve spent to date. To have this data available at all times, and not just to me but also to our accountants and other people within Woolf Farming, certainly makes my life a lot easier and saves me a lot of time working on spreadsheets!"
Kevin Visser,
Woolf Farming, Huron, CA
Agworld customer, Froerer Farms and Owyhee Produce, Nyssa, OR. Farmily in front of barn
Tracking financial performance Case Study

Tracking input applications and financial performance during the season is important

"We always knew, or rather thought we knew, what we are spending on each crop – but input prices tend to go up or down during the season, which makes it really easy to lose track of our spending. Now with having my budget and farm records in Agworld, I can track our spending in real time and so I know where we stand, from a financial perspective, at all times during the season."
Jake May
Froerer Farms, Nyssa, OR
Agworld customer Loza Farms, Wapato, WA
Improved Communication Case Study

Don't let small communication breakdowns turn into costly mistakes

"Communication is where Agworld really helps us out with making sure everything runs smoothly. When the hops are growing in that 3-month period and we need to spray or fertigate or do anything else in the field, we communicate this to our people through Agworld, so we are sure that they have access to correct and complete information when doing a job."
Junior Loza
Loza Farms, Wapato, WA
Agworld Farm Software customer Daly Potato Co, Marion Bay TAS. Nathan Daly processing potatoes for packaging
Precision Prescriptions

Become more accurate and lower input costs by creating prescription files

"On our farm we use the Agworld precision tools to create prescription files for our wheat, corn and milo crops. Agworld has been very easy to use and it has helped either lower or maintain input costs by placing them more efficiently on every acre, all while being able to put hard numbers to the data coming in. The Agworld service is also second to none and having live support to answer our questions timely and efficiently has minimized both our down time in the field as well as minimized the time we spend managing the incoming data."
Travis Sanderson
Kalcevic Farms, Bennett, CO

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