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Orchard Safety Case Study

More safety, less risks in your operation

"Because Agworld automatically calculates our exact tank mixes and how much product we have used in general, we don’t have to use handwritten records and guesswork anymore. It then also lets us create maps that show our REI and PHI – we can easily print them and display them in the staff canteen – but obviously our staff has access to this information on Agworld as well. The same goes for having chemical labels available in Agworld’s library – instead of having to search for it or handle a grungy chemical bottle out in the field, everyone can just find this information on their iPhone or iPad. To me, this is what Agworld offers us: improved safety, easier communication, less risk and good dataset of inputs used."
Luke Anderson
Orchard Manager, Allan Brothers Inc., Yakima Valley, WA.
Agworld customer: Reamer Farms, Clarksburg CA. Vineyard at sunset
Certification Audits Case Study

Save time and simplify your certification audit process

"As our complete prune harvest ends up for human consumption, traceability is very important and, as part of our client’s ISO9002, HACCP and AQA certification, we have to be able to show exactly which inputs have been applied to our trees. With Agworld I can easily create a PDF of exactly those blocks that we need to supply records of and send them to client or anyone else. Instead of having to go through hand-written books out of tractors and piecing everything together, I have everything right here where I need it"
Daisy Toscan
Cavaso Farming, Darlington Point, NSW
Agworld customer
Agworld customer: Reamer Farms, Clarksburg CA. Vineyard at sunset
Job Management Case Study

At the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing the job has been done right

"That is what Agworld does for us. It helps us to keep everything organized. We have access to all our information and we can see a clear path of what we need to achieve on a daily basis. I like to be a very organized person and don’t like to waste time; Agworld helps me and everyone else in our operation become more efficient."
James Reamer
Reamer Farms, Inc., Clarksburg, CA.
Team Communication Case Study

Bring people together and streamline communications

"Agworld brings all the people together on one platform with communication and field data. You’ve got scouts, agronomists, growers, supervisors, foremen, employees all together in one application and that is hard to do. When it comes to communication and ease of use, Agworld nails it."
Leon Etchepare
Emerald Farms, Maxwell, CA
Agworld customer field scouting, magnifying glass in a vineyard
Customer Jansz Parish Vineyard, Penna TAS. James Aubrey checking Agworld while walking the vineyard
Cashflow Monitoring Case Study

Cash is King. Monitor your in-season outgoings against your budget

"During the season I can now see in Agworld how our profitability is tracking by putting in expected yield, and a rough market price of the grapes. In combination with tracking how we perform compared to the costs that we had planned on, I know exactly where we stand at any given point during the season. To me accuracy is key, and I wouldn’t know how I could efficiently run the Jansz Parish Vineyard without this information."
James Aubrey
Jansz Parish Vineyard, Penna, Tasmania


No Internet? No Problems!

Agworld's mobile apps are easy to use and keep working in the field, even when you don't have an internet signal. It's no wonder they've become the most rated farm management apps in the world!

“I hate computers, but Agworld has been great. It’s a lot easier than pen and paper and it’s safe, all information is always up in the cloud. When I think back to the days that I used pen and paper for my record keeping and budgeting, now I can assess my enterprise by crop, field and individual farms.”
Rolf Malmo
Tronder Pastoral Co, Yerong, NSW

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