09 November 2023

Pull your weather data into Agworld

Pull your weather data into Agworld

Pull your weather data into Agworld

You asked & we listened… weather data can now be pulled into Agworld when completing your activities! As record keeping standards have increased, we want to make sure that Agworld is equipped to meet the requirements that farmers face each day.

Weather data is pulled from Semios weather stations or a variety of meteorological inputs. When “fetching weather” we look at all the field boundaries for locations selected in the activity and get weather for the point that is in the middle.

This new feature is available on the website and mobile apps and can be accessed by the following subscription tiers: agronomist plus & pro, grower pro & enterprise, contractor & contractor staff.

Interested? You can contact our team here.

Here are the improvements we have made:

When completing activities (actuals) or creating observations, you can now select the “fetch weather” icon that will pull through the following information:

  • Temperature
  • Wind gust speed
  • Humidity
  • Weather conditions
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Delta T

You can create multiple weather records in one activity

For example: You can create one weather record for when you start the job, and another one for when the job ends.

If you create a historical activity, you can pull weather in from the original date & time

Click here for the full steps on how to get weather data into your Agworld activities

Richard Kong

Richard Kong

Head of Product

Richard Kong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Curtin University. After working as a Graphics and UI Designer in the games industry, Richard joined Agworld in 2012 as Mobile and Web App designer. For the past 11 years Richard has been part of the Agworld Product team as UI/UX Designer, Product Manager and now Head of Product. Richard is based in Australia, speaks both English and French fluently, and is an avid amateur photographer.

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