over 2 years Ago

John Deere Operations Center

Over the years, we've built the Agworld platform to become a global leader in ag data creation and storage. From day one, we've seen an industry need for structured data; where everyone is working on one platform, speaking in a language that is universal. Agworld is simple to use and gives people access to the information they need, when they need it. So where to from here?

We want to build a future where data entry is becoming a thing of the past. We share this vision with John Deere; which is why we want to make your life easier by improving the way your systems work for you. A thought-out production plan means that the data entry is in place by the time you're ready to start working in your fields. With this, your workflow within Agworld can easily be used to convert your job into controller files, to schedule out and streamline your field operations.

Files can be sent straight to your machinery, it’s simple for your applicators to get to the right place to apply the right products. Once the job is done, the as-applied information flows back into Agworld where the data can be cleaned and organised. Creating accurate farm records from this information is as simple as a single click, and now that it’s in Agworld, your data is presented to you in a way that just makes sense. Gaining efficiencies in your communication and record keeping not only improves your business processes, it gives you more time to do what you do best.