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The Agworld Farm Data Ecosystem

The Agworld Farm Data Ecosystem (FDE) revolutionizes the way data is collected, shared and utilized in Agriculture. Agworld’s open API structure is designed to provide growers and agronomists with the most relevant information at the right time to enhance the decision making process throughout the season.

Third party data providers can interact with the Agworld FDE in a number of different ways. From bespoke data-driven integrations such as with John Deere and PCT to laboratories, accounting systems and IoT providers utilizing Frames by Agworld, they all focus on providing Agworld users with their data in the central location they need it most: the Agworld application.

Agworld Farm Management Software customer in the Cotton field, making informed decisions by using Agworld.

Manage your data

The Agworld ecosystem allows you to collect data at every level of your operation and share this data with everyone that matters to you. Growers, farm hands, agronomists, input providers, contractors, banks, accountants, land owners and many other stakeholders are now able to work together on the same set of data.

  • Collect and access your data easily
    Your farm data is stored in the cloud, which allows you access from any computer or iPad/iPhone.
  • Share your data with others
    Set up your team with personalized accounts to ensure everyone can see only what they need to get their job done.

Agworld FDE

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